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Project Info


Giuseppe Fortunato reached out to me to design and develop a website for his marketing representative agency to promote B2B brands of the food world. The agency lacked any online presence and wanted a website that would enable Gourmet Mania to compete with the sales representative market.


I created a clean and vibrant website design where viewers can easily see who Gourmet Mania MX agency is, what it does and how it differs from the rest. Then I crafted a custom WordPress site where each brand is displayed in its own page and other businesses can send a message if they are interested in it. I continue to support Gourmet Mania MX with ongoing website maintenance.

Website Development

Gourmet Mania MX
Website Development

Gourmet Mania is a strategic brand development firm that specializes in food and beverage.  It focuses on helping food brands, distributors and agents maximize sales through food marketing.