Viajes Para Estudiantes

Landing Page Design


  • Ana Escamilla


  • Web Design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • Website Performance Optimization


  • Landing Page
  • Style Guide
  • WordPress Build
  • Responsive Design


  • SEO On-Page
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Project Info


Ana Escamilla was looking for the quickest solution for her travel student consultancy, since that, an important expo was about to take place at that time. She also wanted a professional and mobile-friendly design that showcase her experience as a student advisor.


I created an approachable, beautiful landing page design that connects with her target audience and positions her as a high-caliber creative professional who is fun and easy to work with. The site features a pop-up lead generation section to entice viewers to fill the contact form.

Landing page design

Viajes Para Estudiantes
Landing Page

Viajes Para Estudiantes is a student travel agency dedicated to delivering powerful educational experiences with worry-free travel internationally.